I learned more about my assigned section, The Next 50 Years, than I did about the other group topics. It shocked me to read that, “by 20 10 two billion people on the Internet and another two billion will have cell phones.” I am really interested in learning about the predictions of the next 50 years, because it will effect me in many ways.  Advancing technology is another subject that peaks my interest, because as the years go on technology will become more advanced and a lot more helpful for everyday tasks. The demand for transparency and reaching out to a more cultural society is something I learned from the chapter and group discussion. Our group agreed that as time goes on there are going to be many cultures that the media will have to reach out to. Also, the topic of transparency is important, because being involved with the public personally I know I want the media I am turning into to be honest and reliable. Trend Lines in Today’s Practice was another topic I am interested in and would love to know more about. The Feminization of the field surprises me the most, because I thought PR was always a field filled with women. Knowing that women do not hold a lot of the upper management positions makes me more determined to hold one in my promising future in the field. I was interested that there is a National Black Public Relations Society and I am going to do some research in hopes of further knowledge and a scholarship. Learning more about PR today will help me familiarize myself with the career that has fascinated me for so long.

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics Ninth Edition

Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron