I google searched public relations in the news and saw there was a site called PR week. It sounds like it is also a magazine but i am not too sure. I am amazed because i did not know there was a site dedicated to what’s happening in the PR world. My eyes went straight to the link about 2009 awards. Again, i was shocked to see the awards that they offer to different areas in PR.

  • General Consumer Awards
  • Industry Market Awards
  • Targeted Audience Awards
  • Corporate Awards
  • Social Education and Philanthropy Awards
  • Technique Awards
  • Personality of the Year Awards
  • Education Awards
  • Business Award-In House
  • Business Award-Agency

Under the personality of the year award there was a college student who got awarded for winning a contest to devise a PR campaign for Adidas. Also, there was an award in the same area for the young PR professional of the year. With high hopes I hope my name and picture will show up under both awards during my promising PR future!