PRSA Diversity Podcast- Outreach to African American Market

PRSA Diversity Podcast, February 2009. The topic was Outreach to African American Market with host Dr. Rochelle Ford. Many things surprised me in this podcast. Urban radio and local black newspapers are in high usage for receiving information about court issues and purchasing items. African American women are the loyal listeners of the Tom Joyner Morning show and when he endorses brands the loyalty increases. Also, hearing that 1 in 3 African American men have prostate cancer and the Black Press of America is over 180 years old are subjects that surprised me. I learned that in PR reaching out to black media by researching the medium one wants to use and communication in the church, barber shops, hair salons, and organizations are the best ways to communicate a message to the black community. Audience responds to actions and topics within the community and they look to radio and newspapers for answers to everyday problems to see the “real deal”, Hazel Edney. Main issues facing black America is the economy, stimulus package, proactive health care (HIV, heart disease, and cancer), and the closing of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Social Media Throw-down: Personal Branding

Hajj Flemings and Geoff Livingstion were guest speakers. The first topic was personal branding, Flemings explained it as identifying and executing who you are based on character rather than just a reputation. Personal brands do exist in companies, but not in the companies benefits because one person is not a part of the “team” ,said Flemings. He believed that creating a digital identity, because employers are googling potential employees. Livingston believes that personal branding is a life style that people enhance or reject 24hrs a day and an individual can hurt or help a company. He also believes the company should grow their employees but conflict between responsibilities to self and company. Livingston believes what people do on their own time is their personal business. Flemings believes your personal brand should mirror your character and the average person should have a type of mission statement. This podcast did not have anything that surprised me or taught me anything, but I would love to research more about personal branding in social media. It was interesting to hear the different points of views on how people market themselves.