The altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna has made history books in celebrity news. Now the question is if Chris Brown really hired a PR crisis firm? According to RadarOnline he has. I know you cannot believe everything you read, but I think it is very possible. Chris Brown was thriving in his music, dancing, and acting career. He became a triple threat, but he made a decision that changed his whole career. As a PR student I have no idea what the crisis firm could do to get him out of the bad light of the media. It’s possible for a public apology, but what would follow after that? If this headline is true I am interested to see what strings this firm can pull to get Brown back in his lime light. A performer who was involved with domestic violence was the same performer who was loved by girls and women from ages 10 to 25. I wonder how the ladies in society think of Chris Brown now.