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When I hear the word tribe I think of tribal societies in other countries like Africa. Seth Godin has me seeing the word in a different light. I learned a lot from the video. I learned that people like doing what other people in their tribes are doing. It is clear that people do what is seen on TV, in magazines, and in society. I never would of thought about the things people do, because their tribe does it also. Learning that word of mouth in tribes are more affective than word of mouth in crowds. Tribes share a common interest so they can communicate their views and opinions of their tribe to other people. Crowds will communicate amongst each other and not get the word out by networking. It surprised me to hear that crowds and tribes are not related in any way. Tribes are a movement that want to communicate a message to society. the example used was Al Gore’s movement of global warming. He communicates his message to his tribe and they go on to spread the movement by being trained on how to give his presentation. A crowd is more like a group of people that gather together for different reasons. It could be a crowd to hear a speaker about new technology. The crowd would consist of people into technology and those who need to hear a speech for class. I would love to learn more about different tribes and their movements. Also, learning to lead a tribe would be important to learn about, because it was stated that people are willing to join groups, but not willing to lead them. Although, he went off on a tangent at points in the speech i found it fundamental for learning about communications. To watch to video and learn about tribes click here!