My public relations professor posted this video on Facebook Etiquette on her blog. I finally watched and almost fell out of my chair from laughing. The video goes over what to do and not to do on Facebook. There is a lot of people who are using the site but have no etiquette what so ever! Sadly, I know people on the site that do the things it says not to. I really enjoyed the video, so I decided to send it to my friends. They loved it too. Some of them even said that they know they do those things they say not to. This video should be MANDATORY to watch before joiningthe site. It’s sad when you see people diminishing someones character and name on-line. It is like having the infamous Facebook fights. I’m not saying it’s okay to fight in real life, but how ridiculous does it sound when someone gets in a fight… on Facebook!

In all honesty have you gotten into one of those fights or bullied someone over the Internet?