I’m in search of a new computer and I’m doing a little research here and there, but I still don’t know. I LOVE all Apple products so Ireally feel like the MAC would be the one for me, but it is UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE! I am a college student and I can’t see myself throwing over $1,000 into a computer. I know it can be worth it, but seriously ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Maybe I shouldn’t be too picky and choose the older versions. That would be hard for me, because I think if I buy an Apple product Iam going to buy the best of the best. HP’s are nice and can get the job done with a lower cost than the Mac. Another thing is that I am a public relations major and Iam into event planning and campaigning. Both of which would require good publications work with a computer that can give me the quality that I want. If anyone has any type of advice PLEASE help me! I want to make a wise investment and a good product. I don’t want to get stuck in it’s popularity and stylish look.