In my introduction to public relations class we have had an ongoing assignment to write blogs. One of the categories was to comment on other peoples blogs. I was amazed to see that many people are no where near finishing their assignment and it’s due at midnight today! Or midnight tomorrow, which ever you prefer. The only thing that I have procrastinated on was the blog comments and yes, the personal blogs too. But, compared to other people I’m WAY ahead. As a college student procrastination is an epidemic. Personally, I may procrastinate 20% of the entire year. It bothers me to stay up all night working on an assignment then turning it in knowing it is not to the best of my ability. Yes, there are students that get their best work done at the last minute, but imagine what work they could accomplish when having the time to review and correct mistakes.

So I’m going to make this a public service announcement. All students be Aware of the current epidemic going on. It is even more prominent than the swine flu epidemic! PROCRASTINATION! Take precautions during the school year. Here are some steps that can keep you healthy and not catching the epidemic. (Face masks will NOT prevent this disastrous disease!)

  • Write assignments down
  • Plan your schedule and include when assignments are due
  • Do NOT let your friends talk you into going to the club and you know you have a 8 page paper due the next day
  • Study groups can help you stay focused
  • Ask professors and teachers the best way to go about an assignment

Thank you for reading and be careful out in this dangerous world. Procrastination is CONTAGIOUS! So take your precautions before you end up taking your junior year three times!


A dedicated student