Attention all Georgia Southern students!

I know you remember the reading day that we once had. If you don’t well I’m sure you’re going to want it back. The Monday before finals we used to have no classes. Currently cancelling class is up to the discretion of the professor. For some reason and without explanation that wonderful day disappeared. I used that one day to get extra studying in, because most students don’t have class as their only responsibility. Many students have ending meetings with their organizations, a job to wrap-up, and haven’t gotten much studying done, because professors insist on making huge projects and papers due during the last week of classes. Six classes means six papers and/or projects all due in the same week and six finals to study for. What sense does this make? It’s not even about waiting until the last minute to do a project or paper it’s the fact they’re due the same time and we have to find time to study for finals. For some students they also have to pack all of their belongings. Now, that’s what I call stress for a college student. This blog is just a reminder of the good ol’reading day we used to have. Here are some reasons why reading days were beneficial.

  1. More studying
  2. Better grades
  3. More sleep
  4. Being better prepared for exams
  5. Better reports, papers, and projects
  6. and again BETTER GRADES!