I learned in my human communications class that as humans we have a subconscious habit of chosing a feature from someone’s physical appearance and judging them by it. A lot of us still believe if a person wears glasses then they are bound to be smart. We were even told if we want to move up on the corporate ladder that we should wear glasses, even if we don’t need them. Consciously, I don’t feel as if I do that, because I do understand that we cannot judge someone by their physical characteristics.

Then we discussed that people see the world differently, literally. The example that was given is when someone has vision problems they think they are seeing things correctly, but in reality they are not. Then when the person gets glasses and they are amazed of how the world actually looks; so they continue to take their glasses on and off to see the difference and what they have been missing. I could completely relate to this, because I was the only one in my family without glasses and I didn’t understand what they could and couldn’t see. But just this summer I went to the second eye exam in my life and they told me I needed glasses when driving and reading. When I put the glasses on I was shocked that things looked different. I continued to take them on and off for the next two weeks.

All in all I find it amazing that human communications is not widely studied when it is an interaction that we participate in every single day. It is important that our communication skills are at their best, because without it we would not be able to function or make sense of the human life.

Blogs to come: Personal Branding, Social Networking, Event Planning, and Crisis Public Relations