In my PR writing class we were told to search for an article that is not a hot topic and explain why it is newsworthy. I chose a decorating article. The article, Mixing old with the new is a great design strategy, was on the home decor section online of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. All of us has had our fair share of watching HGTV, but I am not into decorating. Personally, I feel that this article is not newsworthy, but I do feel that it is newsworthy to someone. There are a lot of people who dedicate their lives to decorating and design who would be interested in this article. This is a personal interest article; if you are into home decor than this article is for you. Determining if an article is newsworthy will differ from person to person, because we are all individuals with different interests. This article was not newsworthy to me but I know it was to someone else. It disscused mixing old furniture and misc. pieces with new is a good strategy. People into design would find this article to be informative.