Honestly, I am not big on politics or subjects within the government. I do feel that I should become involved, because the things being discussed will affect me. I read a review of his health care plan online. I feel that health care is important not only to me but to older generations. We have so many problems in our society when it comes to health care and it doesn’t make sense. Generations keep our society, government, and revenues going so I think government should help in making the people within society live longer and healthier lives. The cost of living is constantly increasing, health care cost are increasing, and the health of our nation is decreasing. So I do feel that a plan is required to help this nation succeed. Strengthening employer-based coverage and changing only the accounts that are not happy with their coverage. I have no idea what all this is saying, but I feel any attempt at bettering health care. So, I agree with his plan because it is an attempt at helping others when it comes to the cost of health care. I still don’t know the exact plan in detail any plan may benefit.