Poynter NewsU is a site that teaches news writers how-to-do everything within the field. It resembles an online college class and I think it’s a great idea for new employees to complete some of the exercises in the site. I specifically concentrated on photojournalism. The lesson was entitled the Language of the Image. Pictures were put into categories under informational and graphic. One picture would be displayed and information about its value would be captioned next to it. I learned so much going through the lesson about photojournalism. It included a tremendous amount of vocabulary in the area of graphic quality. I learned the most about this area and I would love to learn more about the different graphic categories. I was surprised that I did well on the “Test your Vocabulary” area. I enjoyed learning about each category and I am interested in learning more about them. The categories were graphic, quality of light, emotion, juxtaposition, mood, sense of place, point of entry, impact, rule of thirds, perspective, surprise, layering, moment and personality portrait. Each category taught me something new and something important when it comes to photojournalism. I recommend each person in the field to take a few of these courses to test and expand their knowledge.