Yes, Georgia Southern University it is that time again to get frustrated and beg your professors for classes. Registration is the most irritating process in college. The 28th was my day or morning to sign up for classes. I woke up at 2:55 am to sign on to my MyGeorgiaSouthern account. Lucky me I couldn’t even get the sight to open so I could log on. Finally at 3:30 I signed on but my lovely RAN was not working. Twenty minuets later I could sign up for classes. And guess what? They were all full! It helps being a good student because professors know your work habit and will give you overrides into their classes, if you are not on the verge of graduation. This whole process is frustrating and it makes me feel like I’m light years away from graduation, because I’m enrolled in classes I don’t need. Let me be an optimist and hopefully it’ll all work out before next semester. I had to give you, my readers, a rant and what really turns my gears session. Thanks for reading!