As a child I would pick a book from the bookshelf and sit under the table to read. Looking in my garage I have a mountain of boxes filled with books from my childhood. Even in high school I would have a book by my side. Being in college I do not have enough time to read for pleasure. I wish I did, but it’s between homework, projects, tests, involvement on campus and sleep. I still carry a book with me, but it collects dust in the bottom of my bag.

When I do get a chance to read I enjoy reading romance novels. I know, it’s typical of a female. Since I do enjoy reading I have read through a lot of books and too many authors to count. So I do not have a favorite book or author. But currently I’m reading One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby. I am about half way through the novel and I am enjoying her writing style so far. Hopefully, I will be done reading the book before the new year. I am going to try harder to make time for personal reading, because it makes required reading a little less agonizing.