There are many perks to being a Georgia Southern student and the Eagle Print Shop is one of them. My public relations publications class had an assignment to create a brochure for a non-profit organization. We were given tips and tricks to make our experience easier. The most important guideline is to export the file as a PDF. I covered all the guidelines, but I ran into some difficulties. When my brochure was printed the words and pictures came out pixelated. Also, my plan was to print on black paper with white ink, but they were out of white ink. The people working were very helpful in trying to figure out the issue. Although, it never printed right I enjoyed my pleasant experience. I ended up printing it on my computer and it came out beautifully. The print shop is convenient for getting assignments and other projects done. I would love to use this on campus facility again. My first assumption of the print shop was that the people were going to be unapproachable, strict, not helpful and down right mean. Luckily, my assumption was wrong. They were everything I would want in working with a print shop. I am now interested in what else I can use it for and I plan on using the area when working PR for the Society of the Black Arts, a non-porfit sutden organization, and assignments.