After my PR writing class had a guest speaker who spoke about Photoshop I have been looking closely at advertisements. We were shown a slide show of Photoshop disasters. It amazes me that a lot of the companies who are making these mistakes are fortune 500 popular. Many of these disasters chopped off limbs, had reflection problems, transparency issues and many other noticeable problems. I am curious if these companies have proof readers/viewers of their advertisements, flyers and other publications. These mess-ups look bad on their part. I personally think it is a lot worse for a large, nationally known company like Coca-Cola. Although, these disasters give the company recognition it is more in a bad light. These publications speak volumes in themselves. I have inserted a few below. You can find more of these humorous, disastrous publications at PhotoShopDisasters, PhotoShop Gone Bad and you can google image search PhotoShop Disasters.