The first consideration or judgment someone makes about someone when they are observing others; first impression. As most of us know a first impression is everything and could make or break a person in human communication. It would be nice if we, as a human race, can say I don’t pass judgments on people, but reality is that we all do. Interviewing for a job prevails on first impressions. It is an impression of your resume, cover letter, application, references, and of course you are an impression. If you really want this job or client you want to impress them and stand out in the crowd. But for the purpose of this blog we are going to concentrate on interview attire.

I’m going to share a personal story. My first interview was for a Macy’s seasonal employee. I was sixteen years old and I walked into the human resource office with plans to complete an application. When I walked in there were many people around my age and a little older in line for the electronic application. I wore a pair of black slacks and a striped tan and black button up shirt with my only pair of heels. Yes, my mother made me dress professionally for filling out an application. Everyone else was there in their school clothes or everyday clothes; jeans, tennis shoes, tee shirts, and etc. It’s easy to say that I was very embarrassed. When it was my turn to fill out the application I breezed through it. I stood up to walk out and I heard my name being called in the main office. So I spoke with someone at the desk and it felt like a casual conversation. But, little did I know that I was being interviewed! I walked out the office with a kool-aid smile, because I was anticipating filling out the application and ended up walking out with my first job! I was the only one that was called for this unexpected interview.

I’m sharing my personal story to show you that first impressions can make or break an interview. So let’s review some dos and don’ts of interview wear.


  1. When simply inquiring about a position dress professionally. What do I mean by professionally?
  2. If you own a two piece business suit, wear it!
  3. Shoes should be clean and scuff free. Women should wear heels that are 3 inches or under.
  4. Women: Skirts are preferred over slacks, but if you wear a skirt wearing panty hose is a requirement!
  5. Panty hose should be skin color, fit properly and with no runs. It helps to bring an extra pair.
  6. Minimal jewelry and a watch would be appropriate.
  7. Women: Simple, natural skin tone make up.
  8. Men: A tie that is not a clip on is a must.
  9. Men: Belt that coordinates with the suit.
  10. Men: Slim pockets.


  1. Smoke before the interview
  2. Have on heavy cologne or perfume
  3. Men: Have bulging pockets.
  4. Fold your resume
  5. Dress flashy.
  6. Poorly groomed
  7. Women: Short skirts and revealing blouses.
  8. Men: Too small suit
  9. Women: Bulky hair accessories
  10. Men: Wear tennis shoes, just because you saw Robin Thicke with tennis shoes and a suit.

These tips were gathered from my personal experiences and from Seeking Success