1. “As If!”: Body Language and the Interview by Shannon: This post is great. Your tips for phone interviewing is on point. Being prepared by dressing the part does help make you feel more professional. Your situation of meeting your employer through a mocktail on campus is a great example of why students should attend the event on campus. As Georgia Southern students we receive a lot of opportunities that other student do not. The problem is that these amazing opportunities are not being taken advantage of. Students should learn as freshmen that attending these events are going to make them readily prepared for their future. Most seem to learn this at their junior or even senior year. Hopefully, you have encouraged others to attend these events.
  2. Dressing for an Interview by Stephanie: I am glad that you mentioned having your shoes polished. There are still people who judge the character of someone based upon their shoes. To me clean shoes means a person is concerned with details and that he or she is out to impress. What employer does not want an employee who pays attention to details? Having polished/clean shoes is a good, subtle sign that many people miss. It is also one of the most important ones. Having fresh breath is imperative. No one wants to smell bad breath, but it is important to throw the gum out before you walk into the office. You are right about looking nice without spending a lot of money. There are plenty of stores and sites that have cheap professional wear. Not having enough money for something presentable is not an excuse.
  3. The Ups and Downs of Social Media by Sarah: The boom of social networking has changed a lot of standards recently. I heard that some schools are beginning to check out the pages of potential students who are high school seniors. These sites can benefit or negatively impact a person. I like that you are honest when you say that you do not believe that your Facebook will help you get a job. Many people lie and say they have the most professional page, but in reality it is truly unprofessional. I enjoyed your last statement, ” don’t forget to clean up those wild Saturday night pictures on your Facebook!”
  4. 10 Things I Learned in PR Practicum by Lauren: Your tenth thing you learned is something I learned also. Think outside of the box. In public relations it is an asset if you are able to think out of the box and fast. You are right, there is no limit to what we can do. I have learned a lot from practicum and other public relations classes. The one thing that I have taken from each class is to think creatively. A creative mind along with being quick on your feet are essential in this field. Creativity is really tested in the workforce, because their is a broader range of opportunities that we can get a handle on.
  5. Career Service Event: LinkedIn by Eryn: It seems that a lot of people went to this Career Service event. Reading the blogs about it is filling me in and I no longer feel like I missed out. Your post is very informative. I have mentioned on other people’s blogs that I am not up to date on my LinkedIn account. All the information I have been receiving from these posts is encouraging me to get on the ball. I had no idea that Georgia Southern had a group on the site. Thanks for all the advice and I will be applying it to my account as well.
  6. Pros and Cons of Social Media by Ashley: Managing a networking site does take a long time. It is amazing to hear how many hours students spend on these sites. It makes me curious if there were no social networking sites then how would their grades look. Spam is a big problem within all networking sites. Now it is going to the extent of viruses being attached to the spam. The constant rise of social networking sites is slowly decrease the interpersonal communication of younger generations. I believe our generation is fine, because we did not have all these social outlets at a young age. Now these 6 year olds know more about these sites than I do. They can text faster than they can talk and comprehend verbal conversation. This is going to be a major problem for the rising generation. Our generation will be employing these young kids when they get older. Hopefully someone will take a stand and teach them better interpersonal communication skills.
  7. PR Connection-Tiger Woods… Still Like Him? by Emily: Tiger Woods is the most talked about man of the year. It is crazy because these other stars and athletes have done and are doing the same thing but have not been caught yet. If you are not a star and you are doing this it is not a national scandal. I do not agree with what he has done, but his poor family has been turned upside down by his actions and the media’s constant stalking of their private life. His endorsements are still getting judgments because of his actions. I think the main problem is when these famous people do something bad it affects the brand they represent and they do not seem to think about that when they are in the action of wrong doing.
  8. Dress to Impress by Meghan: Out of the many blogs I have read about dressing the part for an interview this is the only post that mentions taking your time so you will not feel rushed and look sloppy. Deciding what to wear before the day of the interview helps, but it is still important to give yourself time for minor or major wardrobe malfunctions. Hopefully people will read this and realize taking your time and paying attention to details when preparing can make you look, feel, and act professional. No one should walk out of the house in a wrinkled blouse because they did not take the time to pay attention to details. Good advice!
  9. Oh, Do I Stink? by Meg: For those who sweat using baby powder is a great way to absorb moister. I never thought of it as being used for armpits, but if it helps then go for it. Those yellow pit stains are disgusting, unattractive, and most of all it is distracting. If you wear an old shirt that has pit stains then it will even give the illusion that you stink. Take the cautionary steps to not look like or actually stink in an interview. Most likely the interview will take place in a small room. It is not nice to literally stink up the place. Smoking is another big no no. Personally, when someone sits close to me in class and they smell like an ash tray I get up and move. I am not trying to be rude, but the smell of smoke is irritating and very very distracting. I am trying to hold my breath and breathe less instead of paying attention in class. Imagine what that can do in an interview.
  10. Social Media in a Job Seekers Life by Lindsey: Your approach to adding your mom on Facebook was a great idea and way to look at it. Mose people freak out when their parents add them on Facebook, because they have inappropriate thing on their site. Having your mom as your mediator is a great way to keep your site clean. I agree with you Facebook and Twitter are not the devil, if used appropriately. These sites can be used to make job connection, but it is imperative that you are careful of how you present yourself on these sites. I really enjoyed your post