1. Internship Advice by Allison: That is really great advice. I agree with your friend who told you to make as many connections as possible and stay in contact with them. The past two summers I have worked a few internships and I was able to make a network of connections in the PR field and the media. I even had the chance to be familiar with the judges in Atlanta. Having a large group of connections can help you get a job, receive helpful advice, and you can receive assistance when you need it. Your posts proves that having a network is essential, because your friend connected you to an employer. It is great that you have an internship at a magazine. I hope you enjoy yourself there and thanks for the advice!
  2. LinkedIn by Meghan: LinkedIn is something I am behind on. I have an account, but I am not up to speed on it. It is great that you have 39 connections so far. You are right about having a wide range of connections. Having connections can land someone the job they have always wanted. You have encouraged me to stay in tune with my LinkedIn account and discover different connections. This is a good way to get people to look into my resume and see my strengths and possibly offer me a job when it comes time to graduate. Thanks!
  3. Internships by Bixby: I really enjoyed your post. Internships as a transitional stage is a great way to interpret them. We do get a chance to apply what we have learned from classes in an internship. I feel that an internship is a way to prove to ourselves that we can and are willing to do the work to become successful in our careers. It is a whole different experience when writing press releases and pitching ideas when it is in the “real world” and not a class assignment. The employer is not going to hold back his or her opinions of your work; a professor may unless you ask specifically for his or her opinion. As students we are fortunate to receive internship opportunities and in my opinion a lot of students do not take that advantage. Your post encourages students to take that leap and apply for an internship.
  4. Internship Advice by Meghan: It is great to hear internship tips from someone who is currently interning. A positive attitude is a priority. Most people are not going to like the journeys that lead them in an internship, but if they do it with enthusiasm then that will reflect them positively. It could also give them a job offer after graduation. My last internship I had to make hundreds of phone calls to the presidents of home owners associations. I hated it, but I did it with a great attitude. This task got me hung up on, cursed at, and I even received too much information from the elderly community. It was a true experience. Experience is the main point in an internship. As students we are going to experience different things that are not possible to experience in a classroom. Thanks for your helpful advice!
  5. What to Wear to a PR Job Interview by Jessica: I really enjoyed the second set of attire advice. It is upsetting that many people do not know these things and they are constantly dressing inappropriately to an interview. Then they want to wonder why they did not land the job. These tips should be second nature. As generations age I feel that individuals forget or do not learn the essentials when it comes to job interviewing. Hopefully, with our go getter generation we will be the ones to change to standard and be the most professional group of adults. Then we can teach the younger generation (who wear their pants on the ground or skin tight clothing) what is appropriate in the workplace.
  6. Social Media: Is it a Job Seekers Best Friend? by Jeff Carter: It is crazy to know that social networking has gotten to the point where it is affecting people’s personal life. I heard of a story that a woman called out of work because she was “sick” and the next day her Facebook had pictures of her from the day she took off drinking and partying; she lost her job for lying. I feel that your social networking sites need to stay separate from your work. So it is important no to bad mouth your job or co-workers and to project yourself in a positive light. On a personal note, when I got hired at my job they searched me on Facebook before interviewing me; I am thankful that my page was appropriate. It amazes me what college students put out on their sites, it makes me concerned for their professional careers. They need to take the advice from your post.
  7. Internships “The Golden Ticket” by Phillip: Finding your niche in a field is vital to how long you will last. Public relations is a high paced field so the burn out rate is high. Discovering what you are interested in helps you remain engaged to the field. This field has many categories within it and it is important to find out what fits you best. It is great that you found what suits you through an internship. I found my interest through an internship and working with an organization on campus. Overall I feel that people discover their interest through out of the classroom experiences. Like you said, internships can teach us things that we cannot learn in a classroom.
  8. What to Wear to a PR Job Interview by Candice: Wow I think that the thong showing over pants is one of my biggest pet peeves! Let Victoria stay a secret! Your advice was great. One thing that people seem to forget is to not be too flashy at an interview. It would give off the impression that the person is trying to use their appearance to cover up for their lack of credentials and qualifications. When it comes to wearing heels the office of career services believes that if you do wear heels they should be closed toed and no higher than two inches. I agree with you about panty hose; they are really uncomfortable and in the back of your head you have to be concerned if there is a run in them. I defiantly would prefer a nice navy blue power pants suit.
  9. Career Fair by Jacqueline: It is our job as an individual to put ourselves out there. These professionals are not going to approach us at a job fair. The point is for us to approach them and seem interested in the company and impress them so they want to offer information on upcoming positions. I think that many students do feel that the person will approach them, but it is the other way around. The career fair that was held April 14th in the Center for Art and Theater was dedicated to communication art students. There were many employers there; even PR companies who had open internship positions that they were looking to fill. I hope you attended this event and that you were able to have a better career fair experience.
  10. Cover Letter Tips by John: I enjoyed your post. Thinking of my cover letter as a commercial for myself is a great way to look at it. In the past I have had trouble writing cover letters because I did not know what to say. I figured I would write it as if I was trying to sell myself. This was very effective. Marketing myself as a brand helps a lot also. If I can market and sell a product then I can do the same with my professional skills. It is important to personalize the cover letter by remaining on topic of the position that is being applied for. Many people create one general cover letter, but it is not personable. It should be clear that you are applying for a specific position and the skills you possess would be the best qualifier to fill the position. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Are you LinkedIn? by Kristen: The information in this post is great. I created a profile on LinkedIn for class, but I do not know much about it or what to do with it. I know it is a great site for my resume and getting myself out there in the world of business. I had no idea that there were groups to join. My connections are at a very low number, but now I am going to work to make that number higher. After reading your post I want to go back and edit, upgrade, and search groups and connections. Thanks for the helpful tips!
  12. What Comes Up when You are Googled? by Sarah: Social media is now at the point where it can make or break us. It seems that our generation is losing the battle when it comes to social networking. As students we should know what to post on our sites and what to keep posted on our personal files for our eyes only. Everybody should be careful what they post; more specifically juniors and seniors should tip toe on these social networking sites. As we are entering the workforce we need to understand that times are changing so our social life is becoming an examining factor in our work life.
  13. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly… by Ally: Your list of the ten tweets that would get someone fired is hilarious. People actually post these types of things and think it is okay to do. It is funny when you read a compiled list of these things, but it is sad when you see someone you follow or you are friends with on Facebook say these things. You would think that they know better, and maybe they do, but they seem to get reprimanded for the public display of hatred towards their job. The economy sucks and people are doing careless things to lose the jobs that they need.
  14. Career Services is a Great Place to Begin by Lauren: I recently discovered what I was missing out on in Career Services also. Attending just one career service event let me know that I was not taking advantage of what our campus has to offer. I still have a year left and I will be showing my face and getting more familiar with the Career Services Office.  Since you are on your way to graduation and getting prepared for multiple interviews you should utilize the mock interviews that the office provides. It is a great way to learn what your non-verbal strengths and weaknesses are. Good luck and I hope you continue to use the Career Service office until you walk across the stage in less than two weeks.
  15. How to Stand Out as an Intern by Marilyn: Having fun is one tip that I think a lot of people forget. Even though it is a work experience it should still be fun. This is the opportunity where you have the chance to explore what you are interested in and learn as much as possible about the field. The worst part about an internship is that most of the time it is unpaid, but the experience and having fun with what you are doing makes up for it. Also, getting to know the other interns is important too. The person you are working beside can become the next big thing in public relations and they may need employees. Be nice and make connections that can help you out in the long run.