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Human Communication Studies

I learned in my human communications class that as humans we have a subconscious habit of chosing a feature from someone’s physical appearance and judging them by it. A lot of us still believe if a person wears glasses then they are bound to be smart. We were even told if we want to move up on the corporate ladder that we should wear glasses, even if we don’t need them. Consciously, I don’t feel as if I do that, because I do understand that we cannot judge someone by their physical characteristics.

Then we discussed that people see the world differently, literally. The example that was given is when someone has vision problems they think they are seeing things correctly, but in reality they are not. Then when the person gets glasses and they are amazed of how the world actually looks; so they continue to take their glasses on and off to see the difference and what they have been missing. I could completely relate to this, because I was the only one in my family without glasses and I didn’t understand what they could and couldn’t see. But just this summer I went to the second eye exam in my life and they told me I needed glasses when driving and reading. When I put the glasses on I was shocked that things looked different. I continued to take them on and off for the next two weeks.

All in all I find it amazing that human communications is not widely studied when it is an interaction that we participate in every single day. It is important that our communication skills are at their best, because without it we would not be able to function or make sense of the human life.

Blogs to come: Personal Branding, Social Networking, Event Planning, and Crisis Public Relations


The last semester of my sophomore year is coming to an end. I really enjoyed my public relations class and professor, Barbara Nixon. I have learned so much in this class. In the beginning I was afraid that I was not going to like public relations, but I’m more interested in it now then ever! I am excited to learn more about press releases, event and program planning, media kits, PR publications, and PR crisis. Barbara Nixon was an amazing teacher! I am glad that I get to take another one of her classes next year and I can’t wait to learn more!

My public relations professor posted this video on Facebook Etiquette on her blog. I finally watched and almost fell out of my chair from laughing. The video goes over what to do and not to do on Facebook. There is a lot of people who are using the site but have no etiquette what so ever! Sadly, I know people on the site that do the things it says not to. I really enjoyed the video, so I decided to send it to my friends. They loved it too. Some of them even said that they know they do those things they say not to. This video should be MANDATORY to watch before joiningthe site. It’s sad when you see people diminishing someones character and name on-line. It is like having the infamous Facebook fights. I’m not saying it’s okay to fight in real life, but how ridiculous does it sound when someone gets in a fight… on Facebook!

In all honesty have you gotten into one of those fights or bullied someone over the Internet?

I love my name, but it’s way too common! I was going down a blog list for my public relations class and there were TOO many variations of Brittney and Lindsay. The plus is that it’s easy for people to remember my name, but the negative is that people use Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan to remember by name. I have absolutely NO characteristics of Britney or Lindsay!  This makes me wish I had a good nickname. I believe it’s time to get a good nickname, because it is tiring when someone calls my name and they go… “not you Brittney the other Brittany.” It has gotten so bad that when I walk around campus and I hear my name I don’t even turn around! It’s bad, because some people think I’m ignoring them, but I’m not. It’s just a really common name! When I have children I am going to make sure they do NOT have a common name. Nothing too extreme, but nothing as common as Brittney.

In my introduction to public relations class we have had an ongoing assignment to write blogs. One of the categories was to comment on other peoples blogs. I was amazed to see that many people are no where near finishing their assignment and it’s due at midnight today! Or midnight tomorrow, which ever you prefer. The only thing that I have procrastinated on was the blog comments and yes, the personal blogs too. But, compared to other people I’m WAY ahead. As a college student procrastination is an epidemic. Personally, I may procrastinate 20% of the entire year. It bothers me to stay up all night working on an assignment then turning it in knowing it is not to the best of my ability. Yes, there are students that get their best work done at the last minute, but imagine what work they could accomplish when having the time to review and correct mistakes.

So I’m going to make this a public service announcement. All students be Aware of the current epidemic going on. It is even more prominent than the swine flu epidemic! PROCRASTINATION! Take precautions during the school year. Here are some steps that can keep you healthy and not catching the epidemic. (Face masks will NOT prevent this disastrous disease!)

  • Write assignments down
  • Plan your schedule and include when assignments are due
  • Do NOT let your friends talk you into going to the club and you know you have a 8 page paper due the next day
  • Study groups can help you stay focused
  • Ask professors and teachers the best way to go about an assignment

Thank you for reading and be careful out in this dangerous world. Procrastination is CONTAGIOUS! So take your precautions before you end up taking your junior year three times!


A dedicated student

Attention all Georgia Southern students!

I know you remember the reading day that we once had. If you don’t well I’m sure you’re going to want it back. The Monday before finals we used to have no classes. Currently cancelling class is up to the discretion of the professor. For some reason and without explanation that wonderful day disappeared. I used that one day to get extra studying in, because most students don’t have class as their only responsibility. Many students have ending meetings with their organizations, a job to wrap-up, and haven’t gotten much studying done, because professors insist on making huge projects and papers due during the last week of classes. Six classes means six papers and/or projects all due in the same week and six finals to study for. What sense does this make? It’s not even about waiting until the last minute to do a project or paper it’s the fact they’re due the same time and we have to find time to study for finals. For some students they also have to pack all of their belongings. Now, that’s what I call stress for a college student. This blog is just a reminder of the good ol’reading day we used to have. Here are some reasons why reading days were beneficial.

  1. More studying
  2. Better grades
  3. More sleep
  4. Being better prepared for exams
  5. Better reports, papers, and projects
  6. and again BETTER GRADES!

I’m in search of a new computer and I’m doing a little research here and there, but I still don’t know. I LOVE all Apple products so Ireally feel like the MAC would be the one for me, but it is UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE! I am a college student and I can’t see myself throwing over $1,000 into a computer. I know it can be worth it, but seriously ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Maybe I shouldn’t be too picky and choose the older versions. That would be hard for me, because I think if I buy an Apple product Iam going to buy the best of the best. HP’s are nice and can get the job done with a lower cost than the Mac. Another thing is that I am a public relations major and Iam into event planning and campaigning. Both of which would require good publications work with a computer that can give me the quality that I want. If anyone has any type of advice PLEASE help me! I want to make a wise investment and a good product. I don’t want to get stuck in it’s popularity and stylish look.

College Hill: South Beach

Every Tuesday night at 10 pm BET airs their primere episode of College Hill South Beach. The show is drama filled and that’s what makes ratings, but is it shinning a good light on blacks? No! I may be a hypocrite, because I do watch the show to get a good laugh, but in all honesty I don’t like the way it potrays black COLLEGE students. The only college element of the show is the title College Hill. I know in television it’s about ratings, but are ratings worth making an entire race look bad? It’s about halfway through the season and the only productive thing they have done is host a voter’s registration drive. We don’t see them study or get involved in campus activities. If the show had a balance of the drama and actually showed them being college students then I would be more impressed with BET’s reality series.

First Timer

I’ve never been into blogging so I’m not too sure on what to discuss. This is my first personal blog. My introduction to public relations class submits many assignments via blogging. It is easier for me, because I am told what to write about. Right now I am stumped! I could talk about music, weather, college, public relations, about me, and modeling. All of which I’minterested in, but one way conversations are hard for me. Well I guess I should give it a try and hopefully I can improve over time.