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The altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna has made history books in celebrity news. Now the question is if Chris Brown really hired a PR crisis firm? According to RadarOnline he has. I know you cannot believe everything you read, but I think it is very possible. Chris Brown was thriving in his music, dancing, and acting career. He became a triple threat, but he made a decision that changed his whole career. As a PR student I have no idea what the crisis firm could do to get him out of the bad light of the media. It’s possible for a public apology, but what would follow after that? If this headline is true I am interested to see what strings this firm can pull to get Brown back in his lime light. A performer who was involved with domestic violence was the same performer who was loved by girls and women from agesĀ 10 to 25. I wonder how the ladies in society think of Chris Brown now.


Public Relations Podcast

PRSA Diversity Podcast- Outreach to African American Market

PRSA Diversity Podcast, February 2009. The topic was Outreach to African American Market with host Dr. Rochelle Ford. Many things surprised me in this podcast. Urban radio and local black newspapers are in high usage for receiving information about court issues and purchasing items. African American women are the loyal listeners of the Tom Joyner Morning show and when he endorses brands the loyalty increases. Also, hearing that 1 in 3 African American men have prostate cancer and the Black Press of America is over 180 years old are subjects that surprised me. I learned that in PR reaching out to black media by researching the medium one wants to use and communication in the church, barber shops, hair salons, and organizations are the best ways to communicate a message to the black community. Audience responds to actions and topics within the community and they look to radio and newspapers for answers to everyday problems to see the “real deal”, Hazel Edney. Main issues facing black America is the economy, stimulus package, proactive health care (HIV, heart disease, and cancer), and the closing of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Social Media Throw-down: Personal Branding

Hajj Flemings and Geoff Livingstion were guest speakers. The first topic was personal branding, Flemings explained it as identifying and executing who you are based on character rather than just a reputation. Personal brands do exist in companies, but not in the companies benefits because one person is not a part of the “team” ,said Flemings. He believed that creating a digital identity, because employers are googling potential employees. Livingston believes that personal branding is a life style that people enhance or reject 24hrs a day and an individual can hurt or help a company. He also believes the company should grow their employees but conflict between responsibilities to self and company. Livingston believes what people do on their own time is their personal business. Flemings believes your personal brand should mirror your character and the average person should have a type of mission statement. This podcast did not have anything that surprised me or taught me anything, but I would love to research more about personal branding in social media. It was interesting to hear the different points of views on how people market themselves.

I found a blog through PR perspective. It is entitled How to Start your Morning Online by Loci Le Meur. The blog explains what he does every morning for his company. He checks email,, company chat, Twitter, google blog search, and much more. It is interesting to know all the extra effort it takes to be a PR professional. Staying on top of your social networking sites is very important when working for companies and agencies. If there is any PR professionals who want to find an organized way to check your companies social standing check out this blog!

I google searched public relations in the news and saw there was a site called PR week. It sounds like it is also a magazine but i am not too sure. I am amazed because i did not know there was a site dedicated to what’s happening in the PR world. My eyes went straight to the link about 2009 awards. Again, i was shocked to see the awards that they offer to different areas in PR.

  • General Consumer Awards
  • Industry Market Awards
  • Targeted Audience Awards
  • Corporate Awards
  • Social Education and Philanthropy Awards
  • Technique Awards
  • Personality of the Year Awards
  • Education Awards
  • Business Award-In House
  • Business Award-Agency

Under the personality of the year award there was a college student who got awarded for winning a contest to devise a PR campaign for Adidas. Also, there was an award in the same area for the young PR professional of the year. With high hopes I hope my name and picture will show up under both awards during my promising PR future!

I was searching the Internet and came across an article in Market Wire that discussed the ever growing fad of Twitter. It was discussing that it could lower or raise the reputation of a company. Although, it did not discuss much it amazed me that Twitter is that well known. It proves that there are new social networking sites that are going to come and go throughout society. The article made me think of an old social site I used to use called Blackplanet. I’m sure it is sti8ll up and running but not to the extent it was because of newer sites like Facebook and Myspace, more recently twitter. I cant see twitter replacing Facebook or Myspace but it is more of a site to network within business. The article included a link to a downloadable guide called Twitter for PR and Marketing professionals. I am interested in reading about the different suggestions it gives and knowing the big named companies that use the site already.