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I’m Thankful for….

I have a lot to be thankful for. It is hard to be specific on some of those things. Obviously, I’m thankful for my religion, family, boyfriend, life and the opportunity to further my education. Not everybody gets the chance to have a loving family or a great education. Eventhough, I am going to owe Georgia Southern for the next 10 years of my life I’m still thankful for the chance to be here. I’ve made great friends that are starting to feel like family, I have more interest in my major than I did before I enrolled and I am gaining a lot of life experiences. My family is great even when things are not going good. They are supportive and loving; everything I could ask for in a family. It is important for people to recognize what they are thankful for, because it keeps the moral of life up. So while you are enjoying your turkey and cranberry sauce tell everyone why you are thankful.



I’ve never been the type for major school spirit. I have a minimal approach to it. Being extremely involved in on campus organizations allows me to be more school spirited. I am a member of the Black Student Association, Society of the Black Arts executive board, Top-Notch model, and a Blaqshion model. Each group keeps me busy and helps to keep the organizations school spirit. I do attend a lot of things put on by Eagle Entertainment and SGA. Sadly, I’ve only Berenice to one football game and no basketball games. I love basketball so hopefully that’ll change. Football is in no way interesting to me so that may be one thing that won’t change. School spirit does not have to be hard core; meaning having drawers filled with blue and gold body paint and every peice of clothing I have contains an eagle or Georgia Southern on it. Being involved on campus is a big way to show school spirit.

People still read?

As a child I would pick a book from the bookshelf and sit under the table to read. Looking in my garage I have a mountain of boxes filled with books from my childhood. Even in high school I would have a book by my side. Being in college I do not have enough time to read for pleasure. I wish I did, but it’s between homework, projects, tests, involvement on campus and sleep. I still carry a book with me, but it collects dust in the bottom of my bag.

When I do get a chance to read I enjoy reading romance novels. I know, it’s typical of a female. Since I do enjoy reading I have read through a lot of books and too many authors to count. So I do not have a favorite book or author. But currently I’m reading One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby. I am about half way through the novel and I am enjoying her writing style so far. Hopefully, I will be done reading the book before the new year. I am going to try harder to make time for personal reading, because it makes required reading a little less agonizing.

Yes, Georgia Southern University it is that time again to get frustrated and beg your professors for classes. Registration is the most irritating process in college. The 28th was my day or morning to sign up for classes. I woke up at 2:55 am to sign on to my MyGeorgiaSouthern account. Lucky me I couldn’t even get the sight to open so I could log on. Finally at 3:30 I signed on but my lovely RAN was not working. Twenty minuets later I could sign up for classes. And guess what? They were all full! It helps being a good student because professors know your work habit and will give you overrides into their classes, if you are not on the verge of graduation. This whole process is frustrating and it makes me feel like I’m light years away from graduation, because I’m enrolled in classes I don’t need. Let me be an optimist and hopefully it’ll all work out before next semester. I had to give you, my readers, a rant and what really turns my gears session. Thanks for reading!

My Ultimate Career Goal

I would love love love LOVE to own and run a PR firm in Atlanta. My favorite areas of PR are Crisis, event planning, and image management. Atlanta is a common place for successful firms, but I want mine to stand out above the rest. I would want to handle not only a single person but also companies and large groups. My firm would be full of consultants who have great experience in a specific area. I would have a group of people who specialize in event planning, another in crisis management, and so on. My personality is quiet but it’s the kind of personality that can accomplish ANYTHING. I am determined to have my own firm. Don’t get me wrong I do want to be making money without getting out of the bed, but I am passionate about PR so I would be involved in the company also. So look out for me PR world, because I’m going to be making storms in the industry!

Musiq Soulchild

I am a HUGE fan of Musiq Soulchild. He would be my top pick to come perform here on Georgia Southern’s campus, well if the budget did not matter. It would cost Southern more than just a pretty penny to have him come perform here on campus. He first stepped into the music scene in November 2000 when he released his first album, Aijuswannaseing. Musiq has been compared to many great old school artists like Stevie wonder and current artists like Eric Bennet. His neo-soul style is not the traditional genre you here from Jill Scott or Floetry. Juslisen (2002), Soulstar (2003), and Luvanmusiq (2007) has generated a lot of popularity for him. I have embedded his most recent video entitled, SoBeautiful. I feel like his music speaks for itself. I would be thrilled if he ever performed here at Georgia Southern. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth melody that is flowing through your speakers.

Favorite T.V. Shows

I am a big ABC fan. Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives are three shows I really enjoy watching. Ugly Betty did not come back this season. I’m not too sure why, but I do hope it comes back. Grey’s Anatomy may be my all time favorite show. Even though, the show displays highly unlikely situations it still excites me. My brother used to watch the show when he was in college and he would always tell me and my mom to call him back because Grey’s was coming on. My mom and I started wondering what the show was about so the next season we watched the season three premiere. We were hooked and have been every since. Sadly, I haven’t seen the two shows of the current season, but I do plan on catching up. Sunday night at 9:00 I sit infront  of the t.v. to watch the scheme filled desperate Housewives. I don’t have a specific reason to why I like the show, but it seems like each character has a secret that is hidden behind closed doors.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching TLC and I like Say Yes to the Dress and John and Kate Plus 8. Those shows are slowly growing on me.

Obama’s Health Care Plan

Honestly, I am not big on politics or subjects within the government. I do feel that I should become involved, because the things being discussed will affect me. I read a review of his health care plan online. I feel that health care is important not only to me but to older generations. We have so many problems in our society when it comes to health care and it doesn’t make sense. Generations keep our society, government, and revenues going so I think government should help in making the people within society live longer and healthier lives. The cost of living is constantly increasing, health care cost are increasing, and the health of our nation is decreasing. So I do feel that a plan is required to help this nation succeed. Strengthening employer-based coverage and changing only the accounts that are not happy with their coverage. I have no idea what all this is saying, but I feel any attempt at bettering health care. So, I agree with his plan because it is an attempt at helping others when it comes to the cost of health care. I still don’t know the exact plan in detail any plan may benefit.

In my PR writing class we were told to search for an article that is not a hot topic and explain why it is newsworthy. I chose a decorating article. The article, Mixing old with the new is a great design strategy, was on the home decor section online of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. All of us has had our fair share of watching HGTV, but I am not into decorating. Personally, I feel that this article is not newsworthy, but I do feel that it is newsworthy to someone. There are a lot of people who dedicate their lives to decorating and design who would be interested in this article. This is a personal interest article; if you are into home decor than this article is for you. Determining if an article is newsworthy will differ from person to person, because we are all individuals with different interests. This article was not newsworthy to me but I know it was to someone else. It disscused mixing old furniture and misc. pieces with new is a good strategy. People into design would find this article to be informative.

Human Communication Studies

I learned in my human communications class that as humans we have a subconscious habit of chosing a feature from someone’s physical appearance and judging them by it. A lot of us still believe if a person wears glasses then they are bound to be smart. We were even told if we want to move up on the corporate ladder that we should wear glasses, even if we don’t need them. Consciously, I don’t feel as if I do that, because I do understand that we cannot judge someone by their physical characteristics.

Then we discussed that people see the world differently, literally. The example that was given is when someone has vision problems they think they are seeing things correctly, but in reality they are not. Then when the person gets glasses and they are amazed of how the world actually looks; so they continue to take their glasses on and off to see the difference and what they have been missing. I could completely relate to this, because I was the only one in my family without glasses and I didn’t understand what they could and couldn’t see. But just this summer I went to the second eye exam in my life and they told me I needed glasses when driving and reading. When I put the glasses on I was shocked that things looked different. I continued to take them on and off for the next two weeks.

All in all I find it amazing that human communications is not widely studied when it is an interaction that we participate in every single day. It is important that our communication skills are at their best, because without it we would not be able to function or make sense of the human life.

Blogs to come: Personal Branding, Social Networking, Event Planning, and Crisis Public Relations

Avoiding PR Legal Hassles

I feel that it is extremely important for PR specialists to know and understand deformation.  It is easy for someone to get sued for libel or slander. Even though the First Amendment protects our right to free speech it is still wrong to attack someone’s character. This is because it affects someone’s reputation whether they are famous or not. In my opinion you should shed the same light on someone that you would want them to shed on you. Personally, I would be terrified of being sued so I know that I am going to do everything I can to steer clear from libel and slander.

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Break ins could happen anywhere at any time and it’s not possible to live in an area without break ins. Although I feel like it’s a worse situation on campus, because some students don’t have a lot of money to work with and they need to cherish what they do have; getting their stuff stolen makes things a lot harder. As a student myself I would go into panic mode if someone stole my cell phone, computer, or IPod. All of those are the most commonly stolen objects  and the most expensive that is carried around campus. Georgia Southern does not have an incredibly high crime rate so university police walking around on campus will not be that affective. I don’ think that there’s much the school can do when it comes to break ins. Pushing safety rules and crime alerts are good things to do for students so they will know how to remain safe and have all their belongings in their possession.